Convergent OSS/BSS mediation system

Heterogeneous Systems Integration

Any Format Data Processing

Open-Source Technologies

Data Safety & Processing Accuracy

In-House Install & Integration Teams

Key Features in Focus

  • Revenue leakage prevention

    by flexible information management with full data traceability and audit functionality to control business transactions

  • Business processes standardization

    through a unified approach in data processing flow designing, as well as system independence from specific data sources or consumers

  • Resources optimization

    by reducing the cost of maintaining and operating data flows, as well as the ability to handle any type of data, allowing for any customers system integration

Use Cases Snapshot

Call data records collection, processing, and forwarding to the billing systems

Enables Usage Data Collection, Processing, and Forwarding

  1. Collects information from heterogeneous systems

    Supports protocols and interfaces from all leading network equipment vendors

  2. Ensures data integrity and decodes it into internal format for processing

    Unified Pi.Lang language is responsible for format definition

  3. Processes data according to business logic defined within agents

    Built-in no-code agents with processing logic predefined Low-code user-defined agents for specific processing logic

  4. Packs and forwards output data in the specified format

    Supports any destination system formats

Ensures Safe and Secure User Experience

  • Flexible and configurable access control

    Built-in role-based user permission model Integration with Active Directory, LDAP

  • Logging of all events

    All events in the system are logged, ensuring data flows control and traceability

  • Data encryption

    Intermediate data within the system is transferred in encrypted form and is not available for outside use

One Web Interface for Designing, Executing, and Monitoring

  • Single-Page Application
  • Minimalistic and colorful interface with accessibility features
  • Intuitive configuration of data processing workflow using no-code agents with drag-and-drop functionality

Available Anywhere at Anytime

  • High-Availability and disaster recovery

    GEO distributed installation in Active-Warm Standby mode Failure of one microservice does not lead to failure of the entire system

  • Horizontal scaling

    Running the required number of processing workflows on different nodes of the infrastructure

  • Transaction safety

    Data processing workflow ensures accurate and lossless data processing with rollback functionality if any error occur

Simple migration from existing systems

  1. Analysis of current solution
  2. Preparing appropriate Pi.One configuration
  3. Pi.One integration & testing
  4. Documentation & training materials
  5. Technical support & maintenance